The Products We Use


We only use the highest quality products on all our clients and we take extra special care with our brides.


All our makeup is brand name from the well known names of Christian Dior and Chanel to the less well known professional products of Trucco.  We occasionally use foreign brands if there are specific colors or items which are not available in the USA.  But this is all part of the matching process.  We are now MAC certified and can help you achieve any of the looks you see at the MAC counters!
We want you to look perfect. 


All our products are hypo-allergenic and we avoid alcohol in all our services.  Our services are hygienic.  We disinfect all our instruments and we do not reuse our sponges.

We only use the freshest natural henna.  As practice, we do not use the highly publicised black henna which has been known to cause severe allergic reactions.  All our henna is free of chemicals and artificial additives.

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