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About Me:Fizza Qadri
Fizza was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. .  
Her love of colors started at a young age.  Loving to go through her mother's makeup drawer and mixing and matching colors.  She also loved everything shiny - jewellery, hair pins, glitter!  She started doing people's hair and makeup at a very young age when one of her cousins asked her to help with another makeup artist's mess on her wedding day. 
Her friends would always ask me what color lipstick she was wearing, or how she had done her eyes and if she could do theirs!
Fizza went to Pakistan and studied Bridal Makeup, hair and dressing at the infamous Diplex in Lahore.  She found their makeup looked amazing in pictures but not so good when you saw the bride upclose.  So she tried to find a happy medium. 
Fizza went to live in Paris & Lyon, France where she learned all about "chic" looks and this is where she discovered how to create a natural effortless look. 
Soon after, she discovered MAC cosmetics and decided to take some of their Professional makeup artist courses.  Here she learned how to mix East with West to create a beautiful medium.  Not too much and not too little.  Just right for the modern South Asian bride. 
In 2001, Fizza moved to the Bay Area, CA and decided to take her love of makeup to the next level and started Picture Perfect Makeovers
She has been creating Picture Perfect brides, ever since.


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