What do our clients say about us? 

Thanks so much for everything.  The make-up looked great, it lasted all evening and I got lots of complements.  You made me look beautiful on my wedding day and I thank you for that.
1st June 2008
5am: knock knock.  I rub my eyes, open the door and find Fizza standing there! I SLEPT THRU MY ALARM!! Thank God Fizza was on time.  She put me at ease - even though I was - running very late not to mention being tired.  She calmed me down and pulled me together while still smiling the whole time.  No pressure! She set up while I had a quick shower, insisted I eat something, made me laugh so I would stop shaking and I felt so much better.  To add, I looked STUNNING!!
THANK YOU!!! I will recommend you to everyone and anyone getting married!!
5th January 2008
Thanks for all your help that day.. my friends loved it… my fiancÚ was on the fence but that’s not something i am worried about!! Lol


29th july 2006


Everything went great...!!! 


Thanks again for everything. 



July 23rd 2006


You did a great job with the hair and make-up. I looked great. i will be sending you pictures soon.



August 6th 2006


My mom and hubby-to-be absolutely loved the makeup and the hair too! Thanks again!



November 11th, 2006


Thank you very much for the wonderful work you did. I would love to say that I'd like to do this again, but not under the same circumstances :)



January 27, 2007


Thanks for the awesome makeup/hair! I can't believe that the only thing that actually went through as scheduled was my appointment with you.



May 26th 2007


I am going to have you back to do my 5th Anniversary!



June 23, 2007

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